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Nabra Badr developed the idea for BLSH after being frustrated with the lack of representation for black women in the beauty industry.

As a young black, creative, Muslim woman she sees it to be a necessity for individuals to feel included. Her frustration powered this project to be digital safe space. 

Nabra is a graduate from the Ryerson School of Fashion and seeks to create digital and print work that is empowering and evokes discussion. 




For generations, black women have been at the forefront of numerous movements. They stand up not just for their own rights but are also proactive allies for others as well, especially within the beauty community. And so it is baffling to see how black women are constantly erased from the narrative.

It's time for a change and with BLSH, black individuals have the power to express themselves however they want without barriers. 

Whilst BLSH focuses around black female identity and its relating struggles, this platform is for all black individuals who love makeup - no matter their intersecting identities. 

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Success for BLSH is only as strong as the voices included. We can't be truly inclusive without the support and collaboration of others.

Here, we pride ourselves and cheer on the idea of not only vocalizing our thoughts, but allowing others to use this platform as well.

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